Black Bean Dry Noodles


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Noodle: Wheat flour, Palm Oil, Salt, Guar Gum, Sodium Polyphosphate, Potassium Carbonate and Sodium Carbonate 
Flavors: Oil, Chili Sauce, Tomato sauce, Mushroom Paste, Soya Light Sauce, Sweet Sauce, Sugar, Seaweed, Water, Tropical Flour, Gluten, Ginger, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Black Thick Sauce, Mushroom Paste, MSG, White Pepper, Sesame Oil, Black bean & Sodium Benzoate.



It’s easy to understand why black bean is often used in many Asian dishes. This unassuming bean stands out compared to the rest in the legume family for its high level of minerals and nutrients.

It fuels your body with soluble fibers, proteins, improve your digestive tracts, and regulate your blood sugar levels.  

Besides its health benefits, foodies who are into savory dishes would enjoy our black bean dry noodles. It has a mild salty taste with a subtle undertone of sweetness  – giving it some brightness in flavor.

While soaking black beans for cooking can take a whole night, our black bean noodles require little to no effort to prepare. Pour a packet of black bean sauce into cooked noodles or brown rice as an alternative to create a complete protein centered meal in no time.

Fitness junkies will be liberated by the fact that it can be “mean” post work-out meal. With that said, if you're concerned about your weight, this fiber-filled beans will keep you satiated throughout the day, making you fuller for longer, resulting in a lower calorie intake.